The Spread Eagle Inn - Richboro, PA.

Built circa 1793 by Enoch Addis
First called the White Bear Inn
Operated as a tavern
Volunteer militias meet at the White Bear after the Revolutionary War
The Alert Light Horse Company (a volunteer horse troop) was organized at the Inn in 1821
37 - Bucks County light horse companies held a military encampment called Camp Washington
October 1837 - public meetings were held to discuss Negro suffrage
Mansard roof originated between 1879 - 1893
1907 - White Bear Inn became McCool's Tavern when Hiram McCool bought it
Named The Spread Eagle Inn in 1937 when Ray Weber bought it - the Spread Eagle remained in the Weber-Brown family for 50 years, until sold in 1990
John Maurer renovated The Spread Eagle in 1990 and reopened it as Cous's Spread Eagle Inn.
Spread Eagle closed in 1994
Currently, plans are to move the Spread Eagle back on its lot to make room for intersection improvements. This has been made possible by generous donations made by several developers.

Mill Race Inn - Holland, PA.

Built in 1787
Served as a grist mill to grind grain
Power was furnished by water as it spilled over the Mill Creek Dam
Mill operated until 1918 when a fire destroyed everything down to the stone walls - arson was suspected, but never proven
Was rebuilt immediately
Operations ceased in 1961 after 174 years of service
Served as a restaurant
Heavy damage suffered from Hurricane Floyd in September 1999
Restored and reopened as a restaurant
Suffered extensive damage in July 2001 when heavy rains broke the dam
Closed and fate remains uncertain

Old Richboro School - Richboro, PA.

Built in 1913 (stone building)
Opened as a three year high school
Four room brick addition was built in 1927 next to the original stone building
Graduated approximately 385 students until 1946
Consolidated as Council Rock School District in 1946
1956 - additional classrooms, gym, auditorium, cafeteria were built, and original 2 buildings were connected
Time capsule put in behind the date stone in 1956 and opened in 1999
Commerce Bank bought the property after Council Rock closed the school
Fate remains uncertain

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