Richboro School Reunion
May 23, 2003
Northampton Country Club, Richboro Pennsylvania

Photos by Doug Crompton
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By Betty Cornell Luff

It takes a sentimental group of volunteers, under the leadership of Emma Walker Worthington, to put a reunion of 160 old timers together, but it happened again. By old timers, we mean students, graduates and teachers who attended the old Richboro School between 1924 and 1957.

The old school built in 1919, which only graduated about 395 students before consolidating with neighboring townships to form Council. Rock in 1947, was purchased in 1999 by Commerce Bank. Since the first reunion in 2001, this writer began gathering signatures to save the old stone building since Commerce Bank would not consider incorporating their bank within the old stone walls. The township finally agreed to let Commerce Bank move the building to an agreeable location. The old school which was moved to the rear of the property in 2002 can still be seen from Second Street pike and is now owned by Northampton Township.

Richboro School only consisted of ten grades until 1914, then was eleven grades until 1928. If a graduate wanted to further their education, they had to attend a school which offered 12 grades. The two oldest graduates attending the reunion were Hannah Schiefer and Rosanna Slack who both graduated in 1924. Hannah attended 12th grade at Newtown and Rosanna chose to attend Hatboro for her last year. Ruth Opitz Crane, who also attended the reunion and graduated eleventh grade in 1925, lived near Churchville station so she took the train to Temple High School.

This second reunion took place on Friday May 29, 2003 at the Northampton County flub on Newtown-Richboro Road. Those participating in the program were Emma Walker Worthington of Levittown, Mistress of Ceremony and greetings were offered by Miss Rosanna Slack of Hatboro, Class of 1924. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Louis Leitenberger of Florida and a patriotic prayer was given by Ret. Maj. William Walker USMC of North Carolina. Sharon Kimmelof Yardley sang "God Bless America" and provided piano music throughout the afternoon. Ruth Osmond Wright, also of Yardley, gave the dinner blessing. Table centerpieces were patriotic in remembrance of September 11, 2001.

Classmates traveled from far and wide to see their old classmates, states represented were Alaska, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Virginia and New Jersey.

Over 160 pictures can be viewed at the reunion website by logging onto

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